but we will never be victims again.

Time’s up!

Earth’s Mightiest Heroes" - Tony Stark 

#Scarlett is a rabid fangirl like us *Cries tears of joy and then huggles you all*


In The First Avenger the first thing Steve said to Bucky was the last thing Bucky said to Steve before falling off the train

Erik’s always had a way with guns…


Blink! I wanted to draw her as soon as I left the theater!! AND OMG IT’S FAN BINGBING more of this pls

I want you by my side.

"…Mutant and Proud? If only!”

" We a r e different. But we shouldn’t be trying to fit into society. Society should aspire to be more like us.
                    M u t a n t  a n d  p r o u d.